Tango biography

Bénédicte, alias DJ Bomboncito, is playing tango music since 2015. At the end of last milenium, 20 years ago, she met tango and directly fall in love with it ! She learned dancing through regular lessons and many workshops in Europe with well-known maestros. During her trip in Buenos Aires , she concentrated on the classical milongas where she had the chance to be invited by some legends dancers like El Pibe Sarandi, Tete, Flaco Dany and more. Milonga lover, she organised several milonga workhops in Brussels with Ricardo Maceiras and Dany Garcia. She is now travelling for 10 years in all events around Europe. At home, she is exploring music collection of Jens-Ingo her husband (Vinyls and 78 T). They organize together since 7 years the international tango event ‘la Cita de los Amigos’ in Belgium. Beside tango life, she is Tv director and mother of a fantastic girl.